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Amended 10/05/2014
1) The League will be known as "THE MAIDSTONE & DISTRICT POOL LEAGUE". Hereafter referred to as the ‘league’.
2)  A committee of elected officers will administer the league. (See rule 18) The league will consist of as many divisions as the committee decides.
3) The committee has the right to refuse entry to any team(s)/club(s) that may have a detrimental effect upon the League and its members.
4) The rules agreed by the committee will be binding unless amended by a ruling at the Annual General Meeting. (See rule 5)
5) The committee can make amendments to the rules at any time should they be found necessary.
6) The committee will promote the Maidstone & District Pool League and the game of Pool at all times to the benefit of World Pool Rules
a)  All matches will be played under the E.P.A. World Rules.
b)  Copies of the rules are supplied to each team and the home team must have them available, preferably near the table.
c)  It is the responsibility of the team captains to ensure that they and members of their teams are fully conversant with the rules.
a)  The closing date for the entrance to the league will be decided annually by the league committee.
b)  Entrance fee's and final dates for entrance to the league and knockout competitions will be set by the league committee and will be entered on entrance and registration forms by the league secretary.
c)  A fidelity bond of Ten pounds (£10.00) is to be paid with every new team registration for which sums may be deducted for breaches of league rules. (All breaches of the league rules will be investigated by the committee and where necessary fines levied accordingly) (See rule 15b)
d)  The fidelity bond is returnable at the end of the season less any deductions that may have been deducted by the committee.
e)  Any fidelity bond remaining unclaimed shall become the property of the league.
f)  Only two teams may be entered from each house or club for every one table.
g)  A player may only register with one team during the season. It must be on either an entry form or the back of a results sheet for normal league matches. It is not acceptable to sign on players for knockout tournaments. (See rule 8j)  
h)  Late registration of additional players is allowed up to the end of the first half of the season. These players must print and sign their names on the back of the first result sheet when they play.
i)   A player must play 3 team matches in the first half of the season to qualify for cup matches in the second half of the season.  Players who don't meet this criteria may be disqualified from cup matches at the committee's discretion.
j)  Any team playing an unregistered player will lose the appropriate legs. Repeated offences will result in a Fine, suspension or disqualification from the league.
k)  Should a player/s wish to transfer to another team, they must apply to the committee in writing. A player/s can only transfer during the first half of any season, with the consent of both team captains.
l)   Rule 8k regarding transfers does not apply if the player has not yet played a frame for his currently signed team.
a)  Matches will be played on Monday evenings to commence at 8.00pm.
b)  Matches will be played on a home and away basis and the league secretary is responsible for the publishing and issuing of fixture lists.
c)  Each match will consist of fifteen (15) legs, the format being fifteen singles. Any one player can play a max of three (3) frames in each match. (1 frame in 1-5, 1 in 6 to 10 and 1 in 11 to 15) A player can not play the same opponent more than once during each match
d)  The home team is to pay the table fees, be it league or knockout.
e)  Home teams are to ensure that their table is ready for the commencement of the match before 8.15pm. Infringement of this rule will result in the home team forfeiting the first frame and subsequent frames accordingly, until 9pm. At which point the away team can claim the match. Frames can be claimed at 8:15, 8:30, 8:45, and match at 9:00.
f)  A team shall consist of five (5) or more players, but, can be a minimum of three (3).Therefore if three (3) players are available the match MUST be played and not postponed. (See rule 9g)
g)  To constitute having a "team" there must be a minimum of three (3) players present before 9.00pm or they will forfeit the match. (No player arriving after 9.00pm can play unless agreed by both captains)
h)  Should teams be short of a player/s (read rule 9g) the result sheet will be filled in as follows, 3 players forfeit games 2, 4, 6, 8, 12 and 15. 4 players, forfeit games 1, 7 and 13.
i) If a team has a player/s barred from a house or club, they may apply to the landlord for permission to use the venue for the purpose of playing a league or knockout fixture. Should permission be refused, the league cannot and will not intervene with the decision.
j)  If a team ceases to play in the league during the first half of the season, all matches played with that team will become void. If a team ceases to play during the second half of the season, the matches played during the first half will stand; only the second half will be void. Proviso :( If when applying this rule it appears that a team is being unfairly treated the committee have the authority to adjust the league tables in order that no team should gain an unfair advantage).
k) Should a player accidentally play a frame out of turn, the result of that frame should become void once the mistake is noticed and the frame should be replayed with the correct players
k)  Teams failing to turn up. (See rule 13d Postponements).
l)   The two (2) winning teams of each division (excluding Premier) will be promoted and the two (2) teams with the lowest points will be relegated. Existing and continuing teams will take precedence over new teams. (e.g. even if a new team consists of three (3) players from Division one (1) they may be entered into Division two (2), but this will be decided by the committee.)
a)  The Home team Captain must supply the results sheet.  
b)  Each team is to complete the first five places on the result sheet showing order of play by 9.00pm, unless agreed by both captains. (See rule 9g)
c)  Result sheets are to be forwarded to the fixture secretary by no later than 7pm Thursday following the match. It is the responsibility of the WINNING team CAPTAIN to make sure the RESULT SHEET is in on time. Failure to do so will result in two (2) points being deducted from the winning team. The team will be advised once of a missing sheet and then deductions will be automatic thereafter.
d)  Result sheets are to be completed correctly, stating:
1. Date of match & Teams participating.
2. Initial, surname and signature of players (See rule 10d- 6).
3. Match result.
4. Captains signatures (See rule 10f).
5. Nicknames and names of offensive nature will nullify that game, point awarded to opposition. Repeated offences will result in Fines, suspension or disqualification from the league.
e)  The winning team will be awarded frames plus (2) points for winning.
f)  Captains must sign the result sheet to indicate that the match result was obtained in a satisfactory manner, i.e.: according to league rule, no dispute will be entered into by the committee if the result sheet received has been signed by both captains.
a)  The referee will be alternated with own break.
b)  The timekeeper will be alternated with opponents break. Timekeepers are not necessary but can be called upon as required at any point in a match. E.g.: excessive slow play.
c)  Both appointed referee and timekeeper are referees for each match, each able to call a foul when seen. A called decision cannot be over ruled. The timekeeper should ably assist his referee at all times. The referee will call the penalty and award the decision.
d)  The referee's decision involving player/s shall be final regarding any dispute, but in case of a possible stalemate, the league committee will decide the outcome.
e)  Any dispute by a team against an opposing player/s or team must be notified to the league committee in writing within seven (7) days of the match concerned.
a)  A team may, at the discretion of the committee, change venue for the next season without losing their divisional status. However, the new team must compromise a minimum of three (3) regular playing members of the original team.
b)  If during the season a pub/club closes and a team loses their venue the secretary will be obligated to find a new venue, firstly looking to the league sponsors if they have available tables in their clubs/pubs.
a)  If due to other commitments a team is unable to play on a Monday, they may, with the agreement of the opposing side, play on any other night or change home and away venues. Should it be necessary to change venues, teams must ensure that they do not clash with other league matches. This is particularly so when a house or club has two or more teams entered in the league. All first half games are to be played by the last day of the first half of the season.  
b)  At least twenty four (24) hours' notice is required for the postponement of a match. (In unforeseen events such as adverse weather conditions, it may not be possible to give the required notice. In such cases, teams must contact both the fixture secretary and their opponents to formally postpone the match. Failure to comply may result in the loss of the match).
c)  Postponed matches must be played within four (4) playing weeks of the original fixture date. Should teams fail to agree a date to play the match the fixture secretary must be notified as soon as possible. In such circumstances, the secretary will then set a date for the match to be played.
d) All matches MUST be played within the first half of the season, so any postponed matches MUST be rearranged and played before the halfway cutoff point. Any teams that do not attend a match (No Show) in the second half of the season will be disciplined and possibly be deducted points.
e)  Points will be awarded on averages across the entire season. (i.e.: Team A played 150 frames and won 100, lost 50, their result would be 10-0 plus 2 Win Points, down to a minimum of 8-0 so that no team suffers a loss due to a team not turning up) .  Therefore the Average points for a claimed match will not be calculated until after the final match of the season.
f)  The onus of re-arranging a match falls on the team that postponed it.
g)  Any team failing to turn up without notice shall be warned on the first offence, fined ten pounds (£10.00) for a second offence and withdrawn from the league for a third offence.
h)  There are to be no outstanding matches after the final week of the season. Proviso: (If when applying this rule it appears that a team is being unfairly treated the committee have the authority to adjust the league tables in order that no team should gain an unfair advantage).
i)  All changes are to be notified to the fixture secretary within seven (7) days.
j)  If a team fails to show up for a match and does not give the required notice for postponement, then the Home team may claim expenses for the buffet. The team that fails to turn up will be accountable to reimburse but an invoice is to be sent to the committee it will then be forwarded to the team in question for payment.
k)  In the event of any extenuating circumstances, the committee will hold a meeting to resolve/make a decision.
All rules are as normal league rules and results sheets are to be used for team tournaments/knockout competitions and sent in as per normal. (Not Doubles or Singles as these results are phoned through)
a)     Knockouts will be the best of seven (7) or nine (9) frame matches. (See rule 9c). Proviso: Should there be two or more games and only one table available rule 9c will be void.
b)     In doubles matches, order of play is to be established at the start of match and followed through to completion.
c)      If you require a postponement of a knockout match, it is the responsibility of the person cancelling the match to contact the league secretary giving twenty-four (24) hours notice. You should be prepared to give a telephone number with a date and time you can be contacted. You may also contact the person/team directly, but be aware; leaving messages at venues has in the past been proved unreliable. If the league secretary has not been notified and your message has failed to get through, you or your team will forfeit the game.
d)      Semi-finals and finals are played at Maidstone Snooker Club on neutral tables, refereeing, timekeeping, result sheets and costs are to be shared equally.
e)      If a team/player does not turn up for a match then they will automatically be disqualified from that competition. All matches are to be played on or before the dates set.
a)  Any team/player with a grievance/dispute must contact the League secretary in writing/email with their issue. This will then be forwarded to the grievance/discipline subcommittee for investigation. If any members of the subcommittee are involved with the dispute they must abstain from the investigation. The subcommittee must reach a unanimous vote or the matter will be referred back to the remaining committee members to resolve.
b)  Conduct unbecoming to the spirit of the game may result in player/s or teams being disciplined in any capacity after investigation by the league committee.
c)  Bans and fines will be notified by post.
d)  Should the player/s or team wish to appeal they will have ten (10) days from postage date in which to reply, in writing to the league committee.
e)  If an appeal fails, the decision of the committee will be final.
f)  Player/s or teams banned from the "Maidstone & District Pool League" are not eligible to play or compete in any match or competition governed by the English Pool Association or Kent Pool Association.
g) A match must be played to completion.  Frames must not be deliberately forfeit in a match as this can affect the outcome of another team's placement within the division.  Should an incidence of this occur, it should be referred to the committee where an appropriate penalty may be applied, depending on the circumstances.
a)  The committee will actively seek new sponsors for league and knockout competitions.
b)  Individual persons and teams will be allowed their own sponsors.
a)  Each team wishing to enter the league should have at least one (1) representative in attendance at the AGM. That representative will have one vote, if required.
b)  The committee will set the date for the AGM with at least six (6) weeks notice given.
c)  Notice of four (4) weeks in writing/email to the League secretary, is required for nominations or questions to be raised at the AGM. Should it be necessary on the night, time will be given to open questions at the discretion of the committee.
a)  The committee will consist of members elected annually at the AGM.
b)  Any person wishing to serve on the committee must apply in writing/email to the League secretary one (1) month before the AGM, should no applications be received, the league will retain its present committee.